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A lot of interesting comments on this.
I have always loved FL just because it's different, and oriented as a tool in a way that makes sense for electronic music. A whole generation (after mine) grew up on slapping together music *in the computer* as opposed to sitting at a synth, and new tools definitely produce new sounds. The medium is the message.

That said I still open up Reason to record audio. Pretty much all the other DAW are old fashioned in that they aim to reproduce the visual and workflow experience of laying down linear tracks in a studio, which was the norm from the 60s-90s in analog world. The FL audio editor is usper awkward and I don't see why there isn't a way to just slot in an audio track in the pattern more sensibly.

It is definitely a "bro" DAW for 20 year olds who think a Honda Civic is a sports car and whatever, but still I think it's great for its originality.