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I’m 19 going on 20, I’ve been through one semester of college as an open major, taking audio engineering courses and gen-eds. I have 20 credits of gen-eds from high school. Long story short, I didn’t enjoy it and am questioning going back. I don’t want a career in music specifically, just want to do audio for a living. Live events, broadcast, television, recording, whatever. I just love audio. I feel like I’m waisitng my time waiting around at College for another 3-4 years when I could just put myself to work. But even if I do Nail The Mix classes, find an apprenticeship I can work at for little or free, and work a management job to help fund all of it, my parents still think it’s a bad decision not to go to school at the same time.

What are your expiriences with school? Is the debt worth it for someone who wants to work in entertainment?
Perhaps if you could share some thoughts about what you didn't like, others could offer more specific suggestions for you to consider.

It used to be that a student could pay for college with scholarships and a part time job, but the cost of a college education is so high in the USA today that it puts students in the unfortunate position of having to carefully assess the cost against expected career earnings. Otherwise, it is possible to graduate with a degree that won't ever pay back their student loans. I've seen people with $200k student loans and $30k salaries that won't ever be enough to pay back their student loans.

I'd be interested to see how many college admissions counselors and academic advisors would pass a basic personal finance course if they were forced to take one.