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Old 2nd September 2018
Lives for gear

I just worked on a Mackie Onyx with Lexicon MX200 today (live sound). It’s really fast and intuitive to work on a board! It’s also nice when there’s a division of labor — musicians focus on music, sound guy focuses on sound. So easy. Self-recording can be kind of a drag — especially when agonizing over every little move!

I think the best recordings are made more or less by instinct. That is, instinct informed by experience and guided by good taste. Still, there is a confidence and quickness to the decisions made, with little second-guessing.

It’s hard to move that fast by yourself... you’ve got your guitar on one knee, while trying to reposition mic, headphone tangled, reach over to move’s a pain in the butt and takes you out of the headspace that leads to magical performances.

I guess my point is — go for it! If you’re enjoying the work and fully committed while working on the board, that emotion is going to come through in the final product. And it’s going to lead to greater momentum. That, to me, is far more valuable than sonic perfection.

Don’t obsess over what sounds better but what feels better. Plenty of great sounding, impressively engineered records leave me feeling cold.