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How does it end? I don’t see all of these older, successful, but unhappy people.
Hmm. I think the recent spate of suicides of older, successful but tragically, so unhappy they’re ill people would show you that.

It’s cool, you’re relatively young, probably not married or with kids or with anything. I still think I’m kinda young, and I certainly share some of your opinions, particularly when it comes to getting going and building.

But there comes a point when you realise other stuff is actually more important than the latest placement, mix or session. It’s only recently I’ve started turning work down in favour of family holidays and time with kids etc. Sooner or later - you kind of have to. Otherwise you might get successful in work, but as a person you fail.

But each person arrives there in their own time, and you obviously haven’t yet - and some never do. But I certainly wouldn’t argue they’re the ones who end up most happy.

And fun is most definitely not for kids! Fun is what keeps you young and makes people want to spend time with you. Otherwise - you end up the bore in the corner, married to his work who everyone might think is brilliant but no one really wants to hang out with.