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Demolition continues as we work to sort out the electrical. At this point we will stick with three phase power. The impact / permit fees we will owe the city are significant, but, as much of the needed equipment has already been built, it is the cheapest way to go from here.

The trench has been backfilled, and you can see that we moved the condenser for the house a/c to the front yard, a lovely addition, but thankfully temporary, there just wasn't anywhere else to put it that wouldn't be in the way for now.

Most of the trees are now gone, but the addition to the house remained for a few more days while a plan was made for the electrical.

Finally the addition was torn off, although they left a small corner where the mast for the electrical comes into the house, once things get switched over that will be torn off.

Just a small tree is left to pull out and then the hole to fill and they should be able to start digging for footings.