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....and this is where your argument falls apart - you're making an assumption "these things would sell by the thousands", but you have no data to prove it - there's no evidence that tape appeals to anyone but a minority of tape fans (just as vinyl, even though there's a resurgence, is still small enough to be nothing but a new cottage industry - otherwise you'd see Sony, Yamaha etc. building new vinyl mastering and manufacturing plants).

I used the analogy of sports cars earlier - I'm a big fan of two seat sports cars, during the 70's, there were tons of affordable, two-seaters being built and sold, appearing on american streets and around the world - Alfa, Fiat, MG, Triumph, Corvette, Datsun, Austin Healy, Opel - with many models from each manufacturer [MG, MGB, Triumph Tr3,4,6,8]) - today, there are nothing but a few, and really only one that's affordable enough for the masses, the Miata (and its twin, the Fiat 128).

A new-era tape machine would have to sell for much more than what you think - several times the price because to be the least bit profitable, it'd have to sell to a relatively wealthy clientele - think of this new machine as the Porsche Boxster of the recording world - with specs and fidelity not even close to a "lowly" (in your eyes) Focusrite, or Audient interface.

Your assumptions are the problem here, they're yours and you're ascribing them to 99% of this, or "thousands and thousands" of that, but a business case has to be made to attract investors, and if there were a case, this product you dream of would already exist.

The best way to understand this is to remove yourself from the "magical thinking" mode, and dive into the world of hard facts; determine the costs involved in marketing, meeting regulations, tooling and distributing such a product, then figure out how many you'd have to sell, and over what period of time to make it a business.
Sound quality trumps all that. The wonderful sound iis readily apparent. I enjoy watching some of those reaction videos on YT. Many times these kids,are hearing tape for the first time and are blown away by it, though they aren't sure why.

If it would already have been made, then how do any new products ever get made? Couldn't someone just say every time that if it was sellable it would have already been made?

The sound of tape is the sale. Once that sound is out there and people hear it project and home studio folks would go nuts over it.