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I love tape I am deeply involved with tape but tape machines will never be produced again as a new device. Digital is dirt cheap compared to tape and any Joe Blow can get a digital system and make an album on the cheap. Tape requires outlay for the tape itself and tape is pricey now. Then there is the user's skill level and patience to run tape. I hate to say it but most of the kids don't have the acumen to run tape. If I had to rely solely on tape these past 18 years I'd have no finished recordings, likely no recordings at all. Tape is a great medium to play finished tracks on ore master tracks to but as a medium for multitracking recordings from scratch it's time has come and gone unless you're in a major studio and can afford to use a Studer multitrack machine.
Totally disagree. Seeing these 20 and 30 year old 4 track cassette mschines selling for huge money on Ebay tells me many people still want tape. I never needed any special skills or patience to use a 4 track cassette deck, and obviously many other people didn't either judging by Ebay.

The sound of tape is beautiful and digital has never modeled it in a good way, again, as tape machins sales on ebay shows. So nope, that sounds time has not come and gone.

Some company designs and offers up a machine like this that is simple, basically a quarter inch 4 track cassette that syncs to your daw, is as easy to use as an old 4 track cassette and as easy on the computer end as a vst interface and sounds as good as a 388 and is cost effective those things would sell thousands and thousands. I would buy one no doubt and so would 99 percent of everyone on this site. It would bring beautiful tape back to t he modern world of daw editing and control. The best of both worlds. They made 4 track cassettes for a couple hundred, these would be 700, but basically not much different, roughly the same size, same is most every way beside adding new sync technology so the machine could talk to a daw.