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Reels of tape are not that difficult to deal with. Why are you so scared of them?

1/4" is twice the size of an 1/8" cassette tape. The size of the heads and rollers is related to the physical size of the tape. How would "today's innovation" make them smaller?

Again 388 is 1/4". DAW sync is not that useful with a tape machine. BTW you can easily sync a DAW to a 388 with the Tascam MTS-30 which you can find for under $50. What's the point of that though?
Reels are not as simple as popping a cassette in. I have owned 4 track cassettes, there is nothing easier than popping a cassette in, it takes 1 secong, maybe a second to open the door. That is no doubt easier than reels.

2nd, reels will give the impression of old technology that modern people would not warm to as much as a stylish double size cassete cartride that again takes 2 seconds to pop in. For marketting you would want everything as modern as possible and as simple as possible. Cassettes pop right in, reels dont..

Rollers may be able to be smaller, possibly made of different materials. The head of course would have to make full contact, but what about the width and thickness? Are you saying that 2018 technology could not make a head width and depth any smaller at all? Maybe not, maybe I am putting too much confidence in the tech of today, but the part the tape touches is not all of the head. It has a back and a front and 2 sides.

What’s the point of sync? Wow, to sync to daw and be able to record dozens of tracks on tape and move them to your daw, so you could have as many tracks as you want recorded to tape and then moved to the daw for editing.

And syncing with an extra machine is not as simple as having built in sync, same as the reason for not using reels, total simplicity for modern people. I never enjoyed having to set up midi sync. I have no doubt that today a more automatic and built-in option could be developed.

And 4 tracks on the quarter inch would then givr even better quality than the 388, so that's another great advantage.
4 track cassette recorders were dirt cheap, , so this new machine would be much closer to that than to the very expensive 388.