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Old 31st August 2018
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Why hasn't a company made a modern 8 to 12 track tape recorder?

I mean, we have the technology. I was looking at simple 4 track cassette recorders on Ebay, god, the prices have gone up. A few years ago I bought a Tascam 424 MKIII cassette 4 track for a hundred bucks, and sold it later for a hundred as well, now they are over 200 and up for goodness sakes.

We used to have people mixdown to vhs. The dream of a new machine is so obvious.

A new type tape cassette similar to a vhs tape form, but smaller with a half inch or three quater inch tape that could do 8 to 12 tracks of audio.

You would of course make it able to sync to the computer. You could have a removable tape head assembly and they could sell replacement cartridges you could pop right in.

I mean, the Tascam 388 was it? That was half inch 8 track? You could sell tapes that would be say, 15 minute tapes so that the cartridges could be even smaller than vhs were. The company would make the machines and the tape cartridges and the replacement head cartridges as well. Include a simple analog mixer like was in the cassette 488, maye 6 track recording at once.

I think if some company could make a recorder like this for say, 700 dollars they would sell a million of the damn things.

It would have the same quality as the old Tascam 388 or even better, a completely new design tape cartridge and replacement recording catridge and easy sync with a daw, and maybe a higher version with a digital mixer and better pres built in and effects for around 1200 dollars.

The way old used cassette recorders are selling on Ebay I believe a company that could design something like this would make their money back easily and make themselves rich. I know I would save my money like crazy to buy one.

Just search around the net for Tascam 388 recordings, then imagine that sound in an all new recorder with newly designed catridge tapes like vhs and new replacement record cartridges with easy sync to daws, it would be a dream come true.

No dealing with feeding reel to reel tape, just pop that smaller vhs 20 minute tape in like a cassette and go.

Just dreaming I guess but UAD already makes outboard gear, can you imagine if they created an all new half inch 8 track using today's technology with all newly designed tape cartridges? What a dream.