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Flat vs 6-9dB HF sloped is a very wide dichotomy.
We can simulate the Room Tone and add it in the CR.
This is enveloping but not particularly useful.
We can simulate the average FR HEARD (and preferred) by domestic and Car Listeners, very easily and very well.

This aids translation immensely for many of us.

I would recommend anyone curios for truth and with the resources at hand to try it. All you need is Ears!

Hi Fi Living Room. Listen to music very close to speakers. Way bright right. Listen in the regular seats, normal tonality.
Same Music, Flat or Pretty Flat CR and Eq. Adjust the Eq so that the tonality is the same as at the Couch.

This doesn't mean I think that LF boost in pro CRs is a bad thing. It obviously makes sense.
You know, the translation curve is often expressed as a 1dB/Oct SLOPE DOWNWARDS TOWARDS HF.
Rephrasing, a 1dB/Octave SLOPE UPWARDS TOWARDS LF. Same thing no?

We are bouncing between using Eq curves and HEARD SPECTRA.
If I may draw focus specifically for a moment on the tonality/spectrum of actual music in actual places.
We all love bass and are extremely tolerant to excesses of it. A huge variance indeed. But not so with HF. We have resonant and biomechanics hearing amplification in the 3-5K region, where our hearing mechanisms can be easily physically damaged. The body will protect itself. The spectra of music we like to ear are remarkably sloped irrespective of the listening environment. Why should our favoured tonality change with location?


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