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Olive or Toole, and indeed anybody, not use short gated measurements?
The Lingua Franca is the normal gating.
Because that represents the HEARD sound.
A great loudspeaker will broadcast a Flat Direct Field over an angle of about 30 degrees only. This 'wedge' of pure sound will not travel far before the Room Tone overwhelms it. Let's say less than 1 Metre.
So only a solitary soul placed on axis and less than 1 M from both speakers could possible hear the On Axis Direct Field. Everyone else hears is a composite of DF and RT, and Eq if applied.
The measurements and graphs presented by those Scientists represent the sound HEARD by the majority of domestic listeners.
Rigorous science aside, this phenomenon is easily audible by anyone in a domestic room with a pair of speakers. i.e. In extremely close they sound remarkably brighter.
People that want to measure the OADF response of Loudspeakers use Anechoic Chambers, or Outdoors, up on poles.

Now if someone treated their room as much as is reasonable domestically, or prosumer, and happily sat in just one seat which experiences the OADF, they would find it necessary to tame the top and boost the bottom a little. To hear music as it was intended to be heard, but with much clarity due to the treatment.
jim1961's Listening Room is such. A reasonably well treated room, one listener position, seems remarkably like an average DIY CR to me. The Listening Curve also looks remarkably like those in Olive, BK, Harman, etc. etc.
My Listening Room

Red, you are both welcome and thank you. If you wish to explore further with me please use direct email, as on my websites.
Ditto any other truth seekers.

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