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Gated (direct) vs steady state (un-gated) FR in untreated room. Green is steady state. Speaker is 8250A (no DSP in use). Mic might not be exactly on axis but pretty close.

Another room, same condition as above:

The first measurement looks very similar to the prediction from the Toole paper, but the second is pretty much the B&K curve, definitely.

If I was to judge by only these two measurements, I do admit that it seems I was more wrong than right about HF being same in steady vs direct measurements. But I think that it is also very obvious that it depends a lot on the directional characteristics of the speaker.

Two things that confused me were: a) The curve I posted from the Toole paper (flat steady-state HF prediction). This one:

b) Some of my own measurements where I don't see a difference. But, to be honest, if I had to choose which measurements were more valid, mine or yours, it would be quite cocky of me to presume you did something wrong. It's much more probable I did But I will still explore this a bit more

In any case, this HF thing is not crucial for my original post, but it is still very interesting. And in case it wasn't clear, I completely understand that a flat direct curve is suggested. Nothing I wrote was intended to contradict that.

What's more important to me is the low end.. Check out the sub 100 Hz area on both of your measurements.... Would you call this "boosted", as the smoothed curves would probably suggest? Again, I think calling this a "boost" is not really correct. It'd better to call it a boomy mess

Anyway, thank you very much for exploring this, I really appreciate everyone taking the time.

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