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Anyway, I think that this "difference or no difference" at HF for domestic rooms for gated vs. non-gated measurements is (in context with other things I wrote) not that important. But I really would be surprised if the differences were even remotely close to the B&K curve.

Awesome, please share the results! If indeed the difference is obvious only by using the room-loading method, and not when using the sine sweep method, then we've shown (at least) that people need to be a lot more careful when equating the two methods (sine sweep long gate, and RTA + room loading). Still an interesting conclusion.

We (at least I) could also learn that one shouldn't expect a difference between gated and direct sound at HF when using modern FR measurement methods (i.e. - sine sweep). Cool.
I do suspect that the old school method will yield a more obvious difference yes. Devil is in the detail.

We'll see! If it's the same: drinks on me!

PS: Jens beat me to it! I'll still do it, but expect the same results.

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