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I think that anyone who reads post 91 and 112 quickly understands that some people are used to a FR (direct) that is not flat, and as long as these persons are aware of that fact, it´s perfectly fine.

It would however be very sad if the music industry decided to repeat the same mistake the movie industry did (the X-curve, that hopefully will slowly die away eventually thanks to Toole and others).

The standard (in the music industry at least) is a flat direct sound, as stated by Toole in the 2015 AES paper linked to in previous post (if not, every speaker maker is fighting an uphill battle trying their best to make their products measure flat on axis …) but if you’re accustom to a HF tilt; by all means use it, but be aware of what you do and also be prepared to readjust if you suddenly need to work with others. I have measured a lot of studios (not only the once I´ve designed) and they all measure flat (again; direct sound above about 1 kHz). The only time I´ve seen a tilt was in a home cinema situation … and that kind of makes sense; he was probably use to the X-curve.