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I'm not exaggerating when I say I found instances of you fighting in every single topic I researched while building my studio -- VPRs, ISD gap, diffusion, etc. And wading through that was pretty annoying to read
yep. i was on here for hours on end doing research before starting my new room. so many threads, so much needless arguing.

but i'm super thankful for the people here who do share helpful information. this place is a goldmine if you dig.

those people probably know who they are. if i'm ever fortunate enough to meet any of you, i hope you like bourbon.

anyway if i can get in a couple questions for Thomas before the ax falls on this:

1. how much attention do you pay to the FR above say 500hz? i ask because as i said earlier, simply moving my empty chair would change the measurement. and also, according to the graph, i have a general dip in the response between about 1 and 3k. but it doesn't sound like that at all, i've had the same speakers for 12 years and they sound the way they always have, just way better and more detailed. and actually any hi mid harshness jumps right out of the speakers and is really obvious.

so i don't think this is a problem at all, other than i'd like my graph to look prettier, just curious to hear your thoughts on this.

2. is off topic, but i'm not sure what the topic even was, other than a vehicle for dan to argue stuff he doesn't have any direct experience with, so here goes: in your rooms with the glass front walls, like J. LaPointe's, how do you handle the front wall trapping? is the lounge on the other side of the glass serving as a big bass trap? and/or there's stuff (secret or not) in the walls of that room?