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Old 28th August 2018

DDA Q mixing desk

Co owned with some friends but still...
Sounds great and has so many routing options that I still discover something new once in a blue moon after running it for three years. Fully modular so upgrades are possible

Sennheiser MKH-406

Old SDC which serves as my utility mic for most anything except electric guitars, bass and kick. Sounds between good and mindblowing on any voice I tried so far. Made a review for anyone who can be bothered. Actually the only mic I tried that can really stand up to it is the Sennheiser MD-441.

Revox B77 MKII HS

The third one was a bit harder. Could also have been my Fostex G16 since I record everything on it or my M201 since it's always busy on snare and guitars but since the sound quality of a well set up B77 stands up to pro machines it made it. Since I got it everything sounds more "like a record". Only problems is that the calibration pots are put in an annoying place and have limited options, the lack of a locate 0 and that it's a PITA to edit on. Besides that I couldnt have been happier and for the price it is kick ass.


Don't use that except when discussing mastering with a client and the death sentence to our hard work ("I got a friend who can do it for free") comes up. I'm no ME but rather me and some gentle treatment than some noob giving it the "Californication" torture plus pumping.