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GREAT! Well done!
Download works
Project loads and runs in 10.2.4
Easy to use, pleasant sound, good interface. Bravo.
We can't very well call it "new benchmark"
or "latest benchmark". How about TNMBench?

Are we supposed to adjust any settings? I forget,
are the sample rate and buffers set by .logicx file?
Are you specifying any standard settings?

I think that if this is to be a measure of the hardware
we should be specifying all parameters, including
using only the built-in audio for a reference run.

Then people can try all their special audio interfaces
and settings, but first getting a "standard" would be good?

On a 4 Ghz i7 4790K w/ 32 GB RAM running 10.2.4 in Yosemite
while running a lot (25GB) of other apps & stuff, I can run 62 tracks
on the built-in audio with the default 44.1K and a 128 buffer.

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