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In Presonus Studio One 3/3.5, my track counts can range from 40 - 180. With Reason and it's SSL mixer, it would simply be a nightmare to manage that many.

In Studio One, adding these virtual SSL mixers to each of them would kill my CPU by the time I'd have got quarter of the way there... and that's a with an overclocked I7 920 Quadcore desktop system @ 3.56 Ghz. They are almost completely unnecessary plugins... that you would only use in cases that you would only really use along side a real SSL mixing desk for mixing purposes of stems, or live recording.

With music production, there are no hard and fast rules but recommendations based on one's experience...

If you're new to music production, it's far more important to learn how to mix, than what extra layers you can add on top that can complicate things.
My method is totally different than yours. First off l never go over 40 tracks and l don't see the nightmare you're talking about eith using Reason.
I print what l need to the tracks i.e. Reverbs, compression etc.
I do understand your point.