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I'm having mad issues with Sonar. So I posted this on a different cakewalk page also. But I have signal both audio & midi but no sound. I am using an RME Fireface 800 with the asio drivers. Fully updated and Cakewalk is updated also. In case it is relevant I am using an i7 quad-core 3.5 with 32 gig memory and the p z 77 motherboard. I went through all the steps of tweaking my system using that glitch free guide. Each day I get the sound working and then once I shut down and start back up the next day I have to go through the process again for some reason. Sometimes if I'm sitting idle too long my sound of dropout and I'll have to go through all kinds of steps again messing with my system until I can get the sound back up sometimes it requires shutting down and rebooting or it could be as simple as closing Cakewalk and restarting it. Frustrating them the less. Just curious as to whether anyone else has or has had this issue? Sorry for the long thesis. Just trying to be as thorough as possible to see if anyone can help me resolve the issue and want to know the steps to take whenever it happens again in case it happens in the middle of a session and I need to get back up and running fast. Trying to find help where I can.

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Start with an empty all. Then add in the ones from the offending project. A court at a time. Troubles like the ones you describe are very frequently plugin-related.

As an example, I just had the new AS-Rack plug-in from Nomad Factory completely kill the Cakewalk USB 'soundcard' detection, and greyed out the Control panel. I have 60 or so other Nomad Factory plugins, but that one is deadly.