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Already came across a folder of samples that it for some reason doesn't like. They appear to be normal .wav samples but it causes an error and stops the index.

The popup has a link to see "full log file" which doesn't seem to do anything. And it's not letting me copy the information it does show. But it looks like it's throwing an error on each of the 138 samples in this folder with the message: "This is not a valid WAV file!". They appear as normal 32bit float 44.1khz wav in all other programs and play fine.

Every time it comes to one it stops the index. When I start it again it moves on to the next, throws the same error and stops the index again. Is there a way to exclude a folder? Or do I have to hit reindex 138 times?
have you tried sending the offending files to the dev and seeing if they can work out what the issue is.... I'd be interested in their findings?