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It's so new we haven't had a chance to get our web guys to list it on the site. Basically it's part of our policy to provide several budget priced items that still retain our sound and quality and are made in North Hollywood like the rest of our gear.

So it is all class A, discrete transistor, our unique transformers, providing up to 80dB gain (86 with the output pot at maximum) and that pot turns right down to infinity so you can find the best spot to overdrive it.

It comes with three level LEDs at -20dBu, 0 VU and near clipping (+24dBu) because our unit still has a reserve but your A - D may be near digital clipping!

So we are releasing the GTP1 and soon will release the GTP2 and very soon some more surprises at the budget scale of our products.

Email me for more details....

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Hi all,
There is no mention on Gearslutz of this product yet (Aurora Audio GTP1 and GTP2).

There are listings on vintage king and reverb but no info of the units on Aurora’s own website. Any one have any experience with these pres?

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