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Why did you go for that above an RME FireFace with more i/o? Just curious. I haven't done much research into Antelope interfaces.
Unless I'm missing a version of the Fireface (there are several) one with 4 mic pres cost a few hundred more(UFX). The even larger reason is my intent to use the Zen Tour for remote recording. In that situation the form factor of the Zen Tour was much better.

I've been happy with the interfacing for the Zen Tour. The touch screen, remote, etc. seem generally well considered. The RME likely would have been fine too.

Otherwise it having Thunderbolt connection was a plus for low latency (though RME is known for low latency), the ability to control over a phone or tablet remotely, and the built in emulations of useful hardware that cost me nothing and which they are still expanding. While the RME has more I/O the Zen Tour has a fair amount itself and I don't think it will be a limitation for me.