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Here for the gear

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Any way to see on which sampling rate and bit depth are the files? the search engine is interesting however I really miss this feature (I know there is a filter, why not showing the sampling rate with the file name?)
Samplerate and number of bits are among the columns that are hidden by default.
But right-click the search results table header, and you'll see something like this (note: link, as I'm not yet allowed to embed images here on the forum):

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Quick questions and requests

1. How do you update a folder if you put a new sample set into it on your HD, does it do it automatically or do you have to reindex the whole folder again?
2. On some sounds (very few to be fair) it has got the category completely wrong, a synth pluck calling it a snare for example, how do you manually change this.
3. Please make the space bar start and stop playback.
4. The ability to hi light a section of audio in the play window and drag only that to the DAW/desktop.
5. In REX files does it show all the slices individually ?
1. You hit refresh - right-click the library. This doesn't rescan all files, only finds the difference between your current set and the new one (so it's usually quite snappy). Down the line, we are aiming for this whole process to become automatic/unassisted, btw.

2. Great, because it's currently not possible to reassign the category... you're not the first to bring this up. It would be a simple "manual override", and not some stripped down way of training your personal neural network though ...that would be a different thing altogether.

3. It's possible to configure this, and other things affecting playback behavior, from the application Playback menu. Link to docs

4. Yes please! high up my list of priorities too. Also for launching e.g. a similarity search only on the snare of that breakbeat...

5. REX support is planned and will of course include slices. Given enough time we want to support a whole number of open source codecs and proprietary sampler/instrument formats.

Speaking of $$: I've just been sifting through the KVR database and saw just how many short-lived commercial projects that offered some kind of sample browsing functionality... *shudders*

With one of our mottoes being "Are you serious about using samples", it's my hope that we will attract the right kind of people. We just need to become synonymous with this similarity search thing and continue building on our strengths, then I'm positive we will stick around.