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Quick questions and requests

1. How do you update a folder if you put a new sample set into it on your HD, does it do it automatically or do you have to reindex the whole folder again?
2. On some sounds (very few to be fair) it has got the category completely wrong, a synth pluck calling it a snare for example, how do you manually change this.
3. Please make the space bar start and stop playback.
4. The ability to hi light a section of audio in the play window and drag only that to the DAW/desktop.
5. In REX files does it show all the slices individually ?

On a general note its pretty good at what it does, my only concern and I hate to bring this up is the price, which is not outrageous but above similar products. This is only a V1 new release from a new developer and its always a worry that it will become abandoned or features not added.