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Great phrase! I'll be using that
I've been to a few of those!

When I was quite young, a musician friend of mine attended a concert of modern music, circa 1960s early 70s. He had an open mind as far as music was concerned. However, this particular concert had one piece that 'went on' for an unreasonable length of time, if I told you how long you would think I was exaggerating.

The players comprised a soprano singer and a lot of percussionists. Basically there was a lot of screaming, and the soprano was involved in running about the stage a lot, she ran from one instrument to another screaming at the players. When the piece finally ended, in excess of 2 hours PLUS, there was a long hushed silence, mainly due to the fact that no one knew whether it was actually finished, or whether it was going to strike up again, I mean, it had been going on for so long! In the long silence following the final scream the woman sitting in the seat behind my friend was heard to say, "Oh!.......It's stopped".

I won't elaborate any further, but to hear the ending of a piece described in those words, I find very funny.

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