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Old 15th August 2018
i would be curious as to what your input or lack there of to each of the tracks on the white album. If what I’ve read is correct it was a lot of solo tracking by each of the members and sometimes at the same time in each of the studios. Since you can’t be 2 places at once I would imagine assistant engineers made the call at least some of the time. To me the white album is one of my favorites and the overall sound of it reminds me of John Lennon’s early solo work. It’s kind of like being in a room with slightly too little light. The details are there but it’s a struggle to see/hear them all. That said it’s actually a pleasant thing to me. I feel like the low fi of it makes your mind fill in the gaps and attach more emotion to the music. Most of the songs on the white album are happy but there is a twinge of sadness injected by the darker overall sound.