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Please please keep us posted on this one. Ive been so curious to know what this does to the already good Rosetta 800. I got the Avid HD I/O BLA XB mod myself.
Same here. I've been reading about it forever. Saw a deal on a 2nd unit last month and figured... why not. I'm eventually going to have more outboard anyway, might as well pull the trigger on a good deal and sit on it. It then occurred to me, oh crap... I've always wanted to try a mod. If I get the mod, I can actually do an A/B. And given that I doubt there's many people with 2 Rosetta's at the same time... why not give back to the community that's given to me for the last 15 years!

So I'm excited. If the mod doesn't do much... hopefully we can just be done with it and confidently recommend folks to stay stock on this particular mod. But we'll see!