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Old 15th August 2018
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Sorry for delay guys. FYI...

1) I will be posting BURL vs UCX DAC examples tonight.

2) Rosetta 800 with BLA mod comes in this week. I have 2 Rosettas now. One modded, one not. I like how it sounds before the mod, so figured I'll stock up on Rosetta's now so that next year I can add more outboard. So I figured, since there's absolutely NO example of before/after that are easily accessible, I'll be the fall guy... since I'm going to mod it anyway.

3) In light of having too much gear and running into sync issues, I bought a BLA Microclock III. I'll also post differences with that. I'm not expecting much, as I bought it for system stability with having too many things that need to be clocked. Sound improvement would be cool, but I truly don't care. Also, not the RME interface is reported to reclock everything anyway with it's SteadyClock, so they report that if you hear any difference in sound, it's truly in your head. Well... let's test that too. The problem is, I'm having trouble clocking the Rosetta with the UCX and I'm actually using my Sparrow Red to clock everything. So, I'll try my hardest to get the UCX to clock the Rosetta and then to an A/B between UCX and Microclock.

For all of these tests, I'm simply going to run existing loops out the test unit and into the UCX's rear line ins.