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Waves doesn't get a lot love most of the time but their R series compressors for voice, bass and general are mainstays on many of our mixes for years. Maybe it's because they add some additional processing for the voice and bass. They don't have a lot controls and don't mimic hardware may be the issue but they sound good. The Slate and Klanghelm are terrific but the Aquamarine is a bit of head scratcher as a top ten pick. I own it but it's such a "CPU killer" that the UA Fairchild 670, Manley Mu, SSL G Buss, or API 2500 usually suffices. Just a thought.
I agree, the Waves Renaissance series and their H series are really well done but I have to be honest, when it comes to main vocals, bass, and drums, I'm turning to the UAD classic compressors. The 1176 and La2A are really amazing.