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...unfortunately Sonar was always above "average" level...crashes, unexpected behavior, glitches leading to hangs or requiring project re-open at some moment became too annoying...When program is free there are little chances big investment will be done to improve overall quality. But for free it is very good DAW, it just required to lower quality expectations before trying it
I have just started using CbB and have also found it to be a bit buggy/erratic - but I love some of the features so I’m hoping to stick with it. I have submitted several bug reports and they replied “confirmed and noted”. - so I am hopeful that this is still being worked as an active product. At least they took the time to check and reply!

HOWEVER - and I’m sorry if this sounds ungrateful - but even “free” becomes expensive if it wastes hours of your time fighting bugs. Still hopeful - we’ll see.