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I'm also finding the performance of U-he plugins pretty poor on my new quad core 8th Gen 3.1 base clock speed and 16gb ram. I've done some recommend windows 10 high performance tweaks and I can only manage about 6 instances of Diva in divine mode with a the note chord loop. With certain patches I can get between 8 and 18 on repro 5. With sylenth1 I can get over 200 instances. I know you're plugins are supposed to be processor hungry but this is a brand new powerful laptop and I was expecting way more. I notice Diva causes audio glitching at only 50-60% CPU usage whereas other plugins can only start to glitch out at about 95%+ CPU usage. I've checked the multicore option. Diva doesn't even perform well in the lower 2 draft modes.

I've tried wasapi drivers and the realtek asio and also asio4all v2 which mostly just gives me white noise. This is running at 256-512 buffer settings too. I'm wondering whether I should go back to Mac. If it's the audio card causing the issue. Our whether windows just isn't very good for audio, or if it's the plugins themselves. I'm currently using bitwig 2.35 on windows 10. Given my 10 year old Mac could run a couple of instances of Diva I was hoping to for 10-15 instances given my new laptop geekbenches at around 5 to 6 times more powerful.

These are the optimisations I've been doing Optimising your PC for Audio on Windows 10 – Focusrite Audio Engineering

Do you think getting an RME audio interface will massively improve performance or is it really a windows or CPU issue? On Mac I never found the audio interface to really reduce CPU usage just add more inputs. I like to use my internal audio card and headphones quite a lot