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I'm assuming when you talk of simultaneously you aren't talking about on the same patchbay "channels"! I don't have a px3000, but a lot of other patchbays I have are often grouped inside, often also halfway down the middle there is a clean break or kind of physical separation between the halves (my tascams are in little "units" of 4). I'd pop the case off to check, but what I'm getting at is that I'd lean towards keeping one side/group for CV and another for audio.

Not too sure about the rest of your setup, so not sure there's much call for any kind of normalling though. As its basically just accessing the back of your interface I'd keep it simple. Separating cv and audio horizontally will lead to less potential for accidents, so similarly I'd at least start with more of a "through" connection... think Behringer calls it "open". ie plugging outputs from your interface into both top and bottom on the back and get CV out from your interface on both top and bottom rightmost 2(?4?) patchbay channels for example.
No, I am talking about on the same channels of the bay. So, output 1 of the Motu running CV from Reaktor to the back input of channel 1 of the bay and out to the modular, and audio from the modular into the bottom channel 1 input of the bay and out to the Motu. The connection at the top should break and not transmit CV down to the input going back to the audio in on the interface if it’s normalled...I think. Maybe it needs to be half-normalled as I’m thinking about it more, but that’s why I’m asking questions!