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CV expander only

Originally Posted by oinkbanana View Post
for the voyager there's synovatron voyager expander

Synovatron VXP1 - Eurorack Module on ModularGrid

edit: just noticed this is exactly what you linked to. I didn't recognize the link 'tone project'///
Yeah thats the breakout for the CV "expander" there are another 14 CV etc on the Voyager too!
I have the VX351 and the CP-251 already and can live with that. A breakout for the other CV would be useful too.

Idea for product.
All the CV gate audio etc from the Matrix Brute terminated on a Euroroack panel all nicely labelled. Comes with two cables. One is a a multicore with 1/8 jacks to a female DB25 connector, the other is attached to the breakout panel jack sockets with a male DB25 connector.
You could make a hole on the case for the male connector so it is available on the back of the case to connect to. This is so you can disconnect it to travel.

The goal is to terminate all the CV i/o from Voyager and Matrix Brute into a Eurorack case so everything is in one place.