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Any regular patchbay with a handful of adapters would be cheaper than the Addac, or if you'd rather not use a bunch of 1/4 to mini adapters you can solder up some mini jacks on a 1/4 patchbay instead, or whatever else. I suppose it depends upon whether or not you want/need some pairs to normal or half normal or not, which is really the only advantage (albeit a very useful one) that a typical 1/4 PB offers.
So I am already using a 48 way 1/4" bay but wanted to neatly integrate both the Voyager and Matrix Brute via breakout type patch bays in a Eurorack case. Also in what situations would I want either normal or half normal (synth/audio outs?)
Those ADDACs look very nice, like the dual i/o splitter stuff...