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Question on using a standard patchbay for audio AND CV...maybe this will be helpful to the OP or future travelers:

I have a Behringer PX3000 bay I use with my modular rig for audio, patching the bottom front row from from my modular into my interface. However, I’m using a Motu Ultralite MK4, which allows me to run CV out of my computer from Reaktor 6, etc to my modular. I already have the fancy Expert Sleepers cables to connect my interface to my modular, so I’m good there.

My question is: can I use the outputs from my Motu out to the top row of the Berry PB (connected with TRS cables) and use that for additional CV out from the computer with the PB fully normalled (and the fancy ES TRS to TS cables out from the top row of the bay to the modular), while simultaneously patching audio in from the modular to the interface via the bottom row of the bay? Logic suggests this should work, but it would be just my luck that something would be damaged so I haven’t risked it.