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Further, when you make or buy your eurorack case - just leave 1U or 2U for PBs...

3U for each row of eurorack, and 1U each for patchbays, right below or above your modules...

SKB makes a Mixer Case that is 10U on top and 2U on the front end, and it's cheap as far as rack cases go, and (I learned on Muff's) people stand them up on end so the 10U faces forward and the 2U is on top, so 10U is three 84hp rows for eurorack and a 1U remainder for a patchbay or whatever else you want.

You would, of course, need a Happy Endings kit per 3U eurorack row.

Peep this action:

SKB 1SKB-R104 | Sweetwater

Or something like: