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30ms of latency?! That a huge figure for such a processor. That's almost a whole frame. Should be around a couple of samples really. Competing products are at around 3ms of latency. 30ms seems far off scale. Are you sure about this?
We would be using this as a hi quality "Live & Movie room" public speaker processor. Our delay line requirements within the room are 9 ms for the first row of 4 ceiling speakers, 20 ms for the second row of 4 ceiling speakers, and about 38 ms for the third (= outside) row of 2 speakers.

Other options we are considering are the Blu-100 and QSC 110f. My main issue with these is audio / convertor / processor quality. For example, these are set in terms of sampling frequency (48k). Also they have restricted io (no aes/ebu etc.)

Other issues with common PA speaker processors: programming the Blu system for example only works on PC - within the room we have Mac's right now.

The MMP1's major drawback for us is the delay being restricted to 30 ms. I do believe there's an additional 50 ms available of delay on the channel strips, but I don't know exactly how that would work.

I'm guessing the delay is limited to 30 ms because Yamaha wants to deliver this latency to 32(+4?) outputs at 192k. I'm pretty sure though this could be upped in software for a 96k environment, so it's just a software limit in relation to available RAM is what i'm suspecting. 96k is what I'm aiming for here over 10 to 12 outputs, I'm sure the processing power is there for that, but the software is limited.

Thanks for thinking along though.


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