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Here for the gear

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You should be capable of pro results with that setup, as long as your room sounds good. The differences between the Clarett and the Audient preamps are in terms of "flavour", but any decent engineer should be able to coax a similar quality of sound from either.

I would suggest if you feel you're lacking something, that the first thing to update, before interface, preamps or mics, is acoustic treatment.

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Yeah, although some converters from that audio buddy era were good, like the Lynx etc, the maudio line was a stand out to me as wrecking your sound.

Obviously they are better now, but the old ones. CD players and DAT machines at the time sounded way better.

Congrats, go make a hit!
Understood. I was only about 18 when I started and I had no clue what I was doing. The AudioBuddy served me very well, especially when I was just getting started, so no real complaints. Thanks! I'm glad to finally step it up a notch.