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It may depend on how you intend to output the sound ultimately. I had always used pd/Max until we started building spatial audio apps. Then I switched to Unity and I’ve never looked back (whether using GPS or AR for positional data). VR should be very similar to AR—if it’d be of help you could follow the guide on our website to build an AR app and just change the positional data method and possibly the ultimate sound output method!

At the very least, the guide will give you an idea of how you would approach in Unity and how its spatialization works.

Our group specializes in spatial audio—we’re always looking for other musicians to talk to and to help. Definitely reach out!
A difference is I do not want to build an app. However I've just gone to your website and the Year One app has is very close to my own project, except that I want to run it on a full-fledged desktop computer with wireless headphones.

Also, I'd be curious how Year One performs position tracking using only the user's device itself. Do you derivate it from the embedded accel/gyro/magnetometer? It must be tricky to have consistent positions...
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