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Here for the gear

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Hey, some great advice and experience in here!
I agree! I appreciate everyone's input on this thread. It's definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things I didn't really know before!

I wanted to update everyone. I did end up purchasing an interface at my local Guitar Center over the weekend. They don't carry Audient products, but I went with the Clarett 2Pre. I also picked up a used mid-2012 MacBook Pro, as I've been wanting to give Mac a try for music for a while. I've recorded a few things to test it out (granted, without room treatment of any kind) and I must say the Clarett has yielded fantastic results so far. Everything is so much clearer than my old setup.

So here's what I'm working with now:

* MacBook Pro
* Reaper (evaluation license)
- I'm considering trying Logic Pro X at some point
* Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB
* Rode NT2 mic (I said NT1A previously, but I was wrong; got it out of storage yesterday)

Compared to the AudioBuddy, I notice very little noise when the Clarett's gain is cranked. The AudioBuddy has all sorts of noise at even moderate levels of gain. So while this may not be "top notch", it is certainly many levels above what I was working with before in terms of quality / clarity.

The Clarett also has MIDI In/Out, which is great because I also have a Roland FA-06 and an AKAI XR20.

Thank you all for your help / input / sharing your experiences.