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15 years of experience was supposed to mean..... LOL. AAND YEA ALWAYS PROMOTING. duh! This is HIP HOP (300 King Leonidas kick into abysss of darkness!)
I respect your hustle. You're still on the come up, and that's good.

A wise person takes advice with grace. They don't buck about being "schooled" when they hear something they don't like to hear. If you keep striving you might just find the answers you need. When you get there you'll understand what I meant when I mentioned 15 years.

If I was in your position I'd stay humble as a rule. Don't spend money on gear other people endorse just because they endorse it. Research other opinions. Come to your own conclusion based on that. Don't be led by how famous you think somebody might be (or were a million years ago).

Don't underestimate randoms on the internet either. You never know who you're actually talking to, or how they might have been able to help you.
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