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Old 4th August 2018
We did forensic audio for a number of years and for a number of different law enforcement agencies, lawyers and for individuals. I don't do it any more for a number of reasons. First and foremost because of the "creep factor" A lot of what I had to work with was just plain disgusting. From someone threatening to murder his wife upon his return from Europe to a boss saying terrible things about his secretary, basically calling her a ***** and his bitch. Also because a lot of the recordings were poorly done and almost impossible to resurrect into anything that could be useful in court. And thirdly because people watch programs like CSI and think what they do is real, like the episode where they took cell phone audio and converted it into 7 tracks of clearly audible audio. Those types of programs convince the average person that they are actually doing the work when, in fact, it is all "movie magic". When the person or law enforcement agency brings in something that was recorded from the bottom of a women't purse and is all completely inaudible and wants it to be made into something they can take to court and when you tell them that it is impossible they say, but I saw it done on CSI.

I am honestly happy I no longer do forensics. The "creep factor" alone is the main reason I got out of the business.

I guess there are people who enjoy doing this and are good at it. I will send the forensic clients to you.