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The 'home' of the SuperChunk is Those, and the very effective corner straddling panel trap. They used 703 for everything. One cannot know if that was deliberate or were they just going along with a traditional 'best' choice.
I believe there are better performing options, Isover HD Duct Cladding, Caruso Isobond, Autex etc. but some of those may sag.

The classic SSC is 17" deep at the apex. It is hard to figure it's acoustically effective depth, as this diminishes to zero at both edges.

Given the size, expense, commitment, involved, and the absolute lack of tests at other GFR/Density, I always recommend copying the very successful tested design.
Here, Isover HD DC, a 48KG Glass product, slightly better than 703 in the absorption data.

Panels benefit from a higher density. Commercial products do not chose to use the much more expensive dense fibre for no reason. So we see a lot of 48KG - 100KG (6pcf)
There are damped membrane effects. I haven't seen 703 due to ridiculous cost and distro issues. But I am told it is quite rigid, won't sag even overhead.

You could do the arithmetic to get the density of your product. From the look of it and the application on the website, I would say it is a light material. Good for actually thick traps like the SoffiTrap or whole wall treatments. Take a look at boggy's builds on instagram. That looks like low density Ecose to me, probably 24KG 1.6 pound. The treatments are 24" thick though.