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Old 2nd August 2018
Somewhere on here...over the years, I posted that to me, most every modern converter is at least usable.

Hell, I have stuff on 1993 black face adats that sounds OK.

Somewhere in that thread, I noted ONE exception in those converters.
I got flamed pretty heavily for it, but I'll stick to my guns.

Those converters were early MAUDIO converters. They may be earlier than your converter, I don't know. I don't remember the precise time period / era of manufacture. Nonetheless, a couple of people I knew had MAUDIO converter boxes at the time. It sounded grainy, ...almost band limited and bit crushed slightly compared to other manufacturers at the time.

This was long before they were purchased by AVID / Digidesign.

Before you start spending on other gear, please replace your audio buddy box.
I'm not saying it will fix all of what you are not liking, but I bet it fixes some at least.
My Two cents.

Good luck.