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So...getting back on track here...

Anyone hear anything new about the TFM50 or the NT49 or the new NT5s?
Unfortunately, apart from 'ready in waiting ether-ads' like this one:

...nothing. There's a suggestion it was announced/unveiled at NAMM 2017...did anyone see it there ?

Some pictures here; Rode announce six new mics, Soundfield video mic |

Wikipedia has this entry: RØDEShow 2017 also announced a suite of new products to be released through the year. These include: studio valve condenser microphones TFM50 (produced in collaboration with Grammy Award-winning classical music producer Tony Faulkner, to be used in concert hall applications), NT49 and NT-RV, and a new version of the NT5 pencil condenser microphone (featuring a patented gasket-less capsule).

It adds nothing new to what we already know......and this interview gives some helpful background on the genesis of the new mics by TF himself: Stereo Masterclass

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