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I am to record violin and piano shortly in close proximity to one of the main radio station masts in the UK. Having recorded in this particular place a long time ago in a thunder storm with some unbalanced equipment involved, I am anticipating................that's all I'm saying, I'm anticipating.................

Happy days, unbalanced gear on location. A quick learning curve at the time, circa 1980.

I mentioned earlier that I've only had RF intereference on one occasion, but now I'm remembering the memorable recording in this place during the thunder storm. The air was charge with electric, although the thunder claps were not a problem as I recall. That was a recording of brass ensemble and choir.

I will recki the venue with some gear and see what I get before taking everything down there to record.

What fun!
Hopefully the weather is on your side this time...if not, stand well away from the building's lighting rod conductor ! If you're going to recce beforehand, take a typical cable, a typical mic and try to plug the recorder into a mains socket somewhere in the building you'll record in.

Make a 2 minute recording with the mic gain turned up high. If you hear any hash or RF birdies then at the least get yourself some star-quad mic cable for the main runs to the recorder.

There's likely to be a lot more RF around now than in 1980...hopefully your recording gear has also kept apace with screening it out (via good engineering design ) !

Do you float the shield/screen on your XLR cables at one end...or are all 3 pins connected both ends ? Maybe take a cable of each type with you...and if you experience noise, make a quick swap and re-test. Don't try unbalanced in this particular place...unless you plan to sell the recordings to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop for the next series of Dr Who