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Old 30th July 2018
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It's an absolute insult that Apollo isn't in the main list and stupid things like the audient are...

The apollo can chain 4 devices for 64 ins, all clock slaved via thunderbolt, and can use those 16dsps for effects monitoring, and what dsp you don't use can be used with the same uad fx in daw....

Furthermore, the drivers are SO mature and work incredibly well, even on windows now.

Value for money is actually very good and UNLIKE MOST OTHER TB interfaces, it has a powered pass through. I believe quantum and apogee have this also.

It's actually great value too.. They were going here recently brand new for 3100 AUD for the quad whereas the RME UFX+ was basically 4 grand.

And the Antelope as NUMBER ONE? Um.. the interface with the most driver issues and complaints on this very forum than *any* other?

Maybe it's at the top for sound quality, but doesn't stability count? People with USB3 models can't get them working half the time! At least RME's work in all USB 3 ports!

Yes, the UFX+ absolutely deserves to be there, as does quantum - bang for buck ratio is incredible. Man it never fails to amaze me, all these years later, how i seem to disagree with these lists every single time LOL!