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Your only option would be to get a replacement board from KRK.*
Companies who make high-volume, mass-market products like those speakers rarely sell internal replacement parts like that.
Their lawyers have convinced them that their liability is too high because they don't know how competent you are to handle the repair.
Plus, since they have apparently gone through many generations, it is unlikely that they keep spares for down-rev versions.

To be sure, there are SOME enlightened companies who are very good at supplying parts and service information.
But they seem to be few and far-between, and KRK has never been known to be very repair-friendly.

So this repair appears to be limited to those who can do component-level diagnosis and repair.
All of the individual components on the PC board are commonly available parts, but the PC board itself is proprietary to KRK.

* Another option might be to get a broken speaker from someone who blew one of the drivers and hope that the board is OK.