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Old 25th July 2018
Here for the gear

My problem is similar. I'm beginning to think the root of the problem for me is High Sierra's restrictions on running 3rd party kernel extensions.

I am trying to get my trusted old Digi 002 Rack to work with my new iMac Pro. My 2011 Mac Pro died a few days ago. Rather than fight to keep it alive (ain't got time for that) I bought a new iMac Pro.
I migrated the user account over from the dead Mac.
I have this absurd looking chain of adapters from the Digi Rack to the thunderbolt port. This is an Apple Store approved way to connect firewire peripherals to new macs. (I tested this with a firewire 400 external hard drive. It works with the HD. However, when connected to the Digi Rack, System Information can see that there is a device attached, but it doesn't know what to do with it.)

The audio side of my screen capture software stopped working which lead me to believe that the reason both it and the Digi hardware were not working is related to kext files not loading.
See this article here:
iShowU Audio Capture not showing up – shinywhitebox help

The kext files ARE in the Extensions folder like they should be, but High Sierra is ignoring them at this point.

That's where I am on this now. I'll report back if I get this nut cracked.