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Interested in Audio restoration/legacy formats- where do I start?

Hi everyone!

I hope I've posted in the right forum, but my name is Lina and I'm a recent graduate of UAL, London. For the past few years, my interest in sound preservation grew after working with analog formats for my art practice. My research and focus have mainly been on the phonograph and other legacy recordings.

My intention is to find someone who could take me as an apprentice or find an opportunity for me in handling/preserving legacy formats and other audio recordings. Although it is an awkward jump from the creative arts into the field of audio preservation, I'm passionate about learning more about this field -, especially obsolete formats.

I'm a bit lost at the moment and have been on the search for sound archives around the NYC area / US in general for internships within the audio preservation/digital transfer field. I thought of posting in this forum as everyone here has many years of experience, and wanted to know if anyone could offer any advice? Am I being too narrow-focused in my search? Are there other avenues to search through?

thank you all for taking the time to read this post!